30 Days Vegetarian

Lately my boss and I have been getting into some deep discussions on a wide variety of topics mostly stemming around punk ideologies. Long story short after I started telling him the other day in a sort of excusal manner that I had already gone the morning meat free, he called me on my shit and challenged me to go 30 days minimum.

So far it's been 4 days, and holy shit is my system cleaning out. Read between the italicized lines and take pity on my toilet.

I'm quickly realizing that my normal starch and fatty foods rich diet isn't going to cut it without the normal excessive amount of protein I usually eat to compensate; so in an effort to balance out I've been researching vegetarian diet plans and planning on trying some high protein recipes that are low on murder and torture (infographic).

Stay tuned for some recipe ideas!


  1. Ohh girl good luck! I would do 30 days again but it's not for me lol I ate so much pasta it was unbelievable! I can't wait to see what you cook, I like some of the food.

    1. Thanks! I've justified a bit too much cheese pizza so far personally, hopefully I can start to switch that up ;)


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