Wear to Work

Wear to Work this Week

These are some of my go-to outfits for the work week when I decide to actually dress business casual.

A lot of my wardrobe staples are from Old Navy, Target or Forever21. Old Navy has amazing t-shirt dresses that are flexible and comfortable and can be worn casually or dressed up to look a bit more professional. I'm starting to sound like an ad... but anyways...

I try to keep things basic, black is always a staple, and comfort is always one of my top priorities. I love wearing basic t-shirts with skinny jeans and pairing them with a overshirt, jacket, or chunky sweater for when the front office likes to crank the AC down to sub-arctic temps.


Garden Tour

Since October I've been working on converting our dead sod lawn into a little garden retreat. After spending way too much time on Pinterest, I decided I wanted my own little country vegetable patch, so I set out to try and create just that. It's still a work in progress, but here is a look at my outdoor efforts over the last few months...


Christmas Mimosa Bar

Here's a little glimpse at our mimosa bar from our Christmas morning. I decided to use the SOMA water carafe as a converted OJ pitcher, and it worked out pretty great.

Christmas Eve is usually spent with Robert's family, so we had my parents over the next day to open presents and drink mimosas; even though apparently, I'm the only alcoholic in the family nowadays.


Christmas at the Casita

Christmas is in full swing over here and I couldn't be more excited. Every year is a bit of mixed emotions as the holiday season comes around, but this year I've been trying to channel my energy towards the good.

We went out to Lowe's Friday to pick out a tree, and spent the rest of the afternoon setting it up and getting things decorated.

I asked the lot attendant to save us some of the branch trimmings, and I've been crafting "peace wreaths" and garlands for all over the house all weekend. I have the worst sense of smell, but I'd like to imagine our place smells festive.

Have any of you started decorating for the holidays?
Link up - I'd love to take a peek!! 


Life Lately

We started the long process of installing the wood laminate last weekend and PHEW!! What a task!! I really give my hat to contractors and manual laborers, because after two whole days of being on my toes busting my tush - I was ready for a foot massage to last a lifetime. The downer is we only got through the living room, so unfortunately we'll be back at it again the weekend before Christmas to get the kitchen ready for the holidays with family. My parents' house is also balls deep in construction so we'll most likely be putting together a little shin dig with Robert and my parents again this year at our place.

What have you guys been up to lately??


Beyond Beef: Italian Meatballs

I've been vegetarian now for about 2 months and have started branching out in the arena of plant-based protein alternatives. Last night we decided on a last minute trip to the store to make spaghetti, and I remembered seeing these Beyond Meat meatballs last time we were there so I thought why not and grabbed a bag.

The Italian Meatballs are made of non-GMO peas, and recommended prepared over hot olive oil. In comparison with other meat alternatives, this was actually not too shabby.

Next time I think it would be much better prepared in some sort of sauce or seasoning (maybe a pesto marinade) but overall I'd recommend trying over any pasta dish.
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