Tuesday, January 21, 2014



I can't believe it's already January 21st. Sorry blog!

I've really been focused on taking the time to focus on every area of life lately.

There is a studio apartment downstairs that the neighbors have been revamping as a little co-op creativity center (they have a small business of their own), and I have been finding myself over there more and more these last few days. Their more structured "office hours" approach of the studio helps me break out of the house and focus on what needs to get done with the company and leave my troubles at the door when I get back across the yard. Forcing myself out also helps me appreciate my home while I am here... A.K.A. clean it.

Not to sound like a complete slob, but this is most definitely the first time in the history of Robert & Ashley that all of our laundry is done. Folded, put away, the works. I almost feel like that one deserves a level up in life award, next level: dishes!!

Everyone keeps saying that 2014 is going to be "the" year. I hope so. I can already feel a lot changing for the better both inside and out, and I am excited to start documenting everything a little bit more this year.

Friday, November 29, 2013



Each Thanksgiving Robert and I split the later half of the day between his and my families. The hardest part of this set up is having to save room in my belly for the next family's dinner afterwards, which this year was my own. Because trouble never comes alone, Robert's grandmother showed off her famous southern cornbread stuffing, which could give Paula Dean a run for her money. I should have had seconds.

We headed home and went into a food coma after swinging by for round two at my parents' house where we snapped these pictures.


In other news: Sunday I'm getting my hair snipped. Pray the hair gods will be kind.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Every time I make the plunge back into blogging I always am at a loss for words getting back into the swing of things. Which always gets me a bit discouraged because, isn't that the whole point of blogging? An abundance of things to say and share and purge out into the universe, so we take to the internet. So this is me, doing all that.

I have a lot of changes I would like to see myself make, for no one else but me. Get skinny, pop a kid out one day, get skinny again (trust me there are a lot more) ... And what better place to document all that than my very own blog. So here goes. This is my blog about life, and goals, and plans, and inspiration, and anything else that decides to tag along for the ride.

PS.. I'm Ashley.
Talk to you soon!