Re-Finding My Voice

I can't even remember the last time I sat down in front of the Blogger Dashboard with something inside that I actually wanted to write.

A lot of us got into the blogging world for a variety of different reasons. Some of us were coming into adulthood, some of us traveling half way around the world, and some even documenting our transitions into married life, or parenthood (for the millions of mommy blogs out there).

At first I was doing all three, and starting to plan for #4.
Then life kind of threw me for a loop.

I went from wife, to roommate, to back in my parents' guest room, to a new relationship while mending from a preconceived concept of what I thought I wanted my life to become. In a lot of ways I felt like I lost my voice, and to continue propagating posts aligned with an identity or persona I no longer felt was me, seemed like a lie. 

For most of my adulthood I have been trying to conform to the gelatin mold of what I thought a "girlfriend/wife/woman/etc." should be, instead of simply being true to Ashley. It is my intention to sort of re-find myself through this blogging process, cultivate what inspires me (in a non-clichĂ© white girl fashion), share what I find interesting, and ultimately connect with others out there that kinda feel what I'm talking about. 

So here goes nothing! 

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