Living Room Inspiration

Yesterday we made our second big ticket purchase together and splurged (not really thanks to Black Friday Deals) on a new stove. Ours hasn't latched in over three years, and we just sort of ghetto-rig it together whenever we need to bake anything, so this is a total dorky adult moment.

We've been planning a lot of renovations around here and I'm excited to finally get the house looking like my version of magazine living. I've been playing around on Polyvore and put together a little inspiration board for what I'm planning for our living room.

Living Room Decor

Words cannot begin to explain how excited I am to have laminate wood floors going in!! I'm finishing up the black accent wall this week after many months of procrastination. We originally painted it an eggshell/satiny finish, and unfortunately, old walls = lots of blemishes and imperfections, so hopefully flat paint will make a much cleaner presentation.

Are you planning any fun holiday renovations or remodels? 
Link up if you'd like to share your home decor or ideas ;)

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